International University Fair 2018

By?? Teacher?? Bernoli Tejada SJT

On October 10th, our junior and senior students got the chance to attend our International University Fair. We invited a plethora of Colleges and Universities from the United States of America such as DePaul University, University of South Florida, Miami International University of Art and Istituto Marangoni (Miami, Milano, Paris, London, Mumbai, Shanghai, Shenzhen), University of Tampa, Illinois State University, Oregon State University, Colorado State?? University, University of Alabama at Birmingham, Saint Louis University, Vaugh College of Aeronautics and Technology, etc. They addressed our pupils about their career choices and their programs. This marvelous activity, which took nearly an hour, engaged our students with the representatives of the above-mentioned colleges from whom they inquired an assortment of questions about the syllabus they offer. Not only did the students get involved in the activity, but also they deliberately exchanged their observations about the visiting colleges among themselves. Next school year, besides the aforementioned institutions, we are bringing more choices not only from the USA, but from Canada and the U.K. to talk to our kids as to what it is they need to do to study abroad, as well as to provide them with the procedures and steps needed to make their career decision.