The Importance of Speaking a Foreign Language


Source: El Clar??n

Learning another language nowadays is almost indispensable in order to get better jobs, get access to more information, be able to travel quietly and avoid communication issues.

A study made by the Minister of Education of Spain together with the British Council, that was published by the newspaper, ????El Pa??s???? from Madrid, utilized the experience of 120 public, bilingual, Spanish schools to demonstrate that students who acquire a second language in the school obtain better results in their first language learning.

To start off, learning a second language (in some cases a third) it is not a waste of time as thought in the past, rather it is an investment due to the fact that it widens opportunities to get a better job, which would make an impact in the person??s financial status, as well as learning to speak a foreign language enriches people??s social life. It is the key to opening new horizons in your life and getting to know about different cultures.

Let us think for while about today??s world. ??Internet is an unquenchable source of information, most of which, is in English. Technology, which is always on the go, constantly possess new challenges in terms of the terminology it holds. The business world and science rely entirely on English.????

In summary, learning another language, particularly English, helps people understand that the world is not all equal and that there are multiple cultural diversities. Similarly, it bolsters people??s confidence in their social skills with the aim of improving their interaction with the environment, and help them prepare for the future. As commonly said, the future illiterate will be the one, whose abilities with computers are weak and his/her English Skills seem to be dim.

Our kids delight in learning the English language and they have proven to be a good example of discipline and tenacity at what they do.?? They??re most of the time immersed in the English learning process and they greatly appreciate the classes given to them. We urge them to keep up the good work and persist being eager and enthusiastic about using the language at all times because great opportunities await for them in a very near future as a result of their English language acquisition.